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Automotive Air Conditioning, fault diagnosis and refrigerant recharging stations.

With your own 'Air Conditioning Service' equipment there is no need to farm out valuable AirCon work (& profits) to a specialist AirCon servicing company. Repair / Service - car, van, LCV, coach & HGV air conditioning units in your own garage / workshops. Around 80% of new vehicles are fitted with air conditioning as standard, the manufacturers are recommending that the airconditioners are serviced at least every 2 years. This involves recovery of the old refrigerant, replace receiver drier, check system for leaks, recharge with new refrigerant and lubricating oil. All of these actions are simple with a semi-automatic AirCon service unit, with a fully automatic system it's a case of connect up, go away and do another job, the fully automatic air conditioning servicing unit will complete the task and let you know when it has finished, producing a print out confirming each stage plus weight of refrigerant & oil.

Javac Auto Air Conditioner Charging Equipment
TEXA konfort 700R series   includes:

R1234yf & R134a     Hybrid Safe    Fully Automatic
has Car, Van, Truck, Agri & Personal database.
2 year factory backed Warranty   CE & TUV Certification.
Complete packages and accessories.
Competitive Leasing Deals    Free Delivery & Training.

The TEXA Konfort 780R Bi-Gas
air-conditioning charging machine, R134a Standard & Hybrid /Electric plus R1234yf Standard & Hybrid/Electric.

Phone John for a Price £                          01614776121

What you need to know
Cars type approved after 1st January 2011 must use a refrigerant with a GWP (global warming potential) of less than 150.
Vehicles currently manufactured using R134 refrigerant can continue using it until 2017.

R134a has a GWP of 1300   The designated new refrigerant is R1234yf   R1234yf has a GWP of 4
R1234yf is "mildly flammable"      R134a & R1234yf have similar operating pressure & temeratures

Existing R134a charging machines do not meet the criteria for recovery and charging R1234yf.
R134a and R1234yf must not be mixed.

Hybrid & Electric
Require specific lubricants for safe compressor operation.
Cross contamination of lubricants can lead to compressor fires !
Only charging machines with a specialised flush and lubricant selection program should be used.

R1234yf refrigerant will cost approximately £130 per vehicle charge, based on current projected prices per Kilogram.

   CPS 400 recovery unit - Simple compact cost effective.
CPS mobile charger - Designed with portability in mind, or use in your garage.


CPS 400 Refrigerant Gas recovery unit
The CPS 400 Gas Recovery Unit

This compact recovery unit can be used with any
gas ( * R12 gas must not be re-used ).

Simple oil change ( oil-less model available )

Tough, splash proof casing

Retrofit Option:

CPS 400 Recovery Unit (requires reclaim tank, rental deposit applies)
R12 Connectors
10 x R134a service connectors
Retrofitting Labels
Add to any package for:                                                                              £ POA

CPS mobile refrigerant gas charging frame.
CPS Mobile Refrigerant Charging Frame.

Designed for Mobile as well as Workshop use, this unit used in conjunction with the CPS 400 Recovery Unit (above) provides a cost effective AirCon servicing system for the smaller business.

Electronic scales for accurate recharge.
Vacuum gauge includes Leak check.
High capacity Vacuum pump. Oil injection.

Mobile Package:

CPS Charging Frame
CPS 400 Recovery Unit (requires reclaim tank, rental deposit applies)
Hoses & Connectors
Oil Injector
                                                                                                                £ POA

Two Day Training Course (IMI)                                                         £ POA

R12 Vehicle Option

CPS Charging FrameCPS 400 Recovery Unit (requires reclaim tank, rental deposit applies)
Hoses & Connectors
Oil Injector
Add to any package for:                                                                         £ POA

* R12 Gas Illegal

The earlier refrigerant known as R12 was a chloro-floro-carbon and was famously responsible for creating giant holes in the earth's Ozone layer ( which protects the earth from solar radiation). The use of R12 is now illegal and it should be recovered from AirCon systems for correct disposal.